Everset Poker Summit Points

The “Loyalty Bonus” & “Summit Points”

All Everest Poker players are automatically enrolled in the points program– those points are called “Summit Points”. Every Everest player earns one summit point for every $1 collected in the rake, meaning you can earn 3 summit points for every hand you play; not a bad deal at all! But, if you choose to play one of the Everest Poker tournaments, each $1 entry fee will become 8 summit points –there is no limit on how many points you can earn per tournament which is often different from casinos online.

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Summit points earned in tournaments are a great way to enter the real-money tournament that this room is famous for, such as the live tournament satellites.
You can also redeem your “Summit Points” for purchasing a variety of goods; just log in to your account, choose “store” in the account menu and pick what you want from the “Summit Points Store Online Catalogue”.

Everest Poker has also now launched the VIP Summit Club, one of the most comprehensive and rewarding loyalty programs in the industry – so check it out!

VIP Summit Club

“VIP Summit Club”

The whole idea of the club is very simple, and the entrance process is as easy as can be. Once you have an account (if you don’t have it yet you can download Everest Poker Here), your VIP Summit Club rank will set at the beginning of each calendar month based on the Summit points you’ve earned at the prior month. 

In order to join this lucrative club get into your account and look for the VIP club in the “account menu” and register; now all you have to do is to earn 300 Summit points. You’ll start receiving your benefits on the first day of the following month.

 Keep in mind that in order to stay a member at the VIP club you have to play and earn points every month since your account will set itself every month. When you’ll climb to the level of the “Death Zone” your points & benefits will be guaranteed for three months. Besides playing poker online you might be also interested in slot games, in order to play this kind of game it's important to get some slots tips first before you start.

Benefits of the VIP Summit Club include:

  • Get real money cash rewards up to $5,000 a month
  • Get up-to 900% Bonus Summit Points every month
  • Get VIP Customer Service
  • Get your seat at Everest weekly $5000 Freeroll