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It is clear that Everest Poker invites poker players to play poker of the highest class. This might be intimidating to the new player that just want to learn to play poker and might not immediately be thinking of a spot in a big famous tournament. The advantage of Everest Poker is that anyone can enjoy playing poker with them. The poker room is suitable to any level and for any goals.

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Learning how to play

A beginner player should not fear joining Everest Poker. In fact, the opposite is true. This online poker room offers several ways of learning how to play and how to play well. To begin with, a player should familiarize himself a bit with the software itself to be able to navigate easily and recognize the different areas. This should be combined with reading Everest Poker’s tutorial which could actually be a good idea even for players that knows the basic of poker. It is then recommended to try out the poker training room. Here a player will practically learn the ropes of Texas Hold’em and the other poker variants available at Everest Poker. Once a player feels ready to join a real table there is help available that will guide him to the right table.

Multi-player Poker

One of the most exciting parts of playing poker at Everest Poker is that a player will have the opportunity to meet real people and not just a computer. Players from all over the world meet in the tournaments in this poker room and that is something that puts a very special flavor to the play. Every player’s level of play improves thanks to the multi-player format which also allows players to practice bluffing. Bluffing makes the game much more exciting and gives an extra element of satisfaction that every player enjoys. www.ladbrokes.com is another place you can check for your Poker games, they also offer sports betting.